Evolution Education Award

I have been awarded an Evolution Education Scholarship award from The Teacher Institute For Evolutionary Science (TIES). It was created by famous evolutionary biologist Dr. Richard Dawkins. The organization has since merged with the Center for Inquiry. This award was in recognition of my efforts in educating the public about evolutionary biology. Please visit my other site in which I explore our amazing planet’s biodiversity: http://www.amazinglife.bio



New Program Coming Soon

Reginald Finley Sr and Reggie Finley Jr are in the first phases of creating a new program dedicated to biology and consumer health.

We welcome all ideas. We are very excited about this new program but we also want to make sure it’s produced well, is educational, and entertaining.

If you aren’t familiar with my old program, visit: infidelguy.com to listen to my old show that ran from 1999-2012.

Stay tuned!


Reg & Reg

In the studio, 2005

Biology Tutoring Services

I have been a science communicator for 15 years. I have a Bachelors in Human Development, a Masters in Science Communication and a Masters in Biology (2016).

I am a professional instructor in Biology and Biology Honors. I am currently certified to teach grades 6 through 12 in the state of Florida.

Sadly, some students have teachers that they feel go too fast, are difficult to understand, or they may have teachers that just don’t know their subject very well. I have a true passion for Biology and informal education. Your student will find me animated, fun, easy to understand, engaging, and responsive.

I will use Skype, whiteboards, PowerPoints, animations etc.. to help your young student excel in their challenging Biology class. I can also customize pre-recorded material (15 minutes) to target particular aspects of biology for your child to stream privately via youtube. Each video will be targeted specifically and only for your young student.

$5 per 15 minute session. Purchase longer sessions if satisfied.

Please contact me before purchasing to ensure that I can meet your very special needs.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Click here to sign-up.

My Thoughts and Scribblings

Pulse Nightclub Shooting:

* My Opinion about Omar Mateen